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who are we?

Hibachi To You is the first Asian-owned hibachi catering business in Houston, Texas. Our project took flight in the late summer of 2020; Shops and restaurants were closing all around and everyone stayed home, for work, for fun, or even for their hobbies.

Well, what if we brought the dining experience to homes instead? A catering hibachi company?

We were inspired by the pandemic to provide a solution to families who wanted to gather and celebrate with their loved ones safely and in the comfort of their own homes and backyards.

Smiles, laughter, and good times. We bring you the hibachi experience, from our family to yours.

3 of our personal servers we bring to every Hibachi experience or event service that serves you throughout the show.  Photo provided by Hibachi To You, Catering company founded in Houston.
A decorative vintage filigree. Hibachi event experience, Houston

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